I’m proud to be able to bring my clients from early stages of product development to launch.

I'm fully committed to building your business and company's reputation using right services and technologies for the job. My goal is to turn your ideas into a product that is not only user friendly but stable and secure.



I can offer to you a prototype of your application before writing a single line of code. A deliverable wireframe will be provided to you where you are able to click through the application and see each feature as though it is live. The prototype will provide you to validate the idea among friends and family, showcase your core features, and provide it as part of your pitch to investors.

MVP Building

If you have a prototype and/or scope of work defined, I can take the specs and turn it into a minimum viable product, or MVP. The MVP will be a functional app that is either published to Apple's App Store or Google's Play store. Your MVP will be instrumented with analytics so you can validate key assumptions of your business idea, tweak based on user demand, and establishing a foundation with minimal technical debt to scale your product with other value adds.

Product Scaling

Once your product is at the MVP stage and in the hands of real users, I will help you to scale your product with added value features that will solve specific user pain points that will drive engagement and retention.



I’ve been building and deploying iOS apps for my clients for 6 years now leveraging Frameworks such as Apple Push Notifications, Core Data, Keychain, Core Animation, Core Location, AddressBook, AV Kit, Core Text, Event Kit, Message UI, Map Kit Safari and Webkit with Objective-C and more recently Swift for iPhone, Apple Watch and AppleTV.


I’ve been building and deploying Android apps for my clients for 5 years now leveraging Frameworks such as Google Cloud Messaging/Firebase Cloud Messaging, Location & Google Maps, Media Effects, Texting, Widgets, Telephony, Keystore, Contacts Provider, Calendar, Photos Webkit with Java and Kotlin for Phones and Tablets.

Ruby on Rails

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails since Rails 2 (about 6 years ago) and it’s now my defacto platform to create Cloud Services, it has a rich ecosystem of battle-tested libraries to create highly reliable services in short time. Literally every web framework out there mimics somehow what Ruby on Rails achieved years ago and therefore I continue to rely on it for most of my client-facing API’s and Backends.


I’ve been a Node.js user since 2012, it just the most practical way to share logic between cloud services and client web apps using Javascript, I make heavy user of Node.js for javascript based tooling, simple web-scrapping or as a temporary measure while migrating away from Parse to a more specialized backend.


I use golang since 2013 to create efficient, perfomance-critical, highly-concurrent piece of solution architectures like API’s, Middlewares, Workers along with binary distributed tooling.