I'm Johan Hernández

[a.k.a Bithavoc]

I started doing Software at the age of 15, playing with Java Swing and VB6 for fun until .NET 1.0 came out as a Beta that C# really cought my attention.

Focusing in Desktop apps first and later with XML Web Services and Web Apps, 4 years later I was already making software for insurance companies, integrating .NET with other legacy technologies in the Enterprise space and creating reusable components and controls for other developers.

In 2006 I started using Linux and Mono, while keeping Windows as my main development environment I contributed to open-source desktop software based on GTK# and worked migrating ASP.NET apps to XSP. Meanwhile in Windows I was leveraging WPF, WCF and AppEngine to create the next generation of ERM solutions and migrating existing apps from WinForms to WPF.

In 2010 I had my first Mac and never looked back, switched to Ruby on Rails to develop all my Web Apps and RESTful API’s. Having been playing with Objective-C on my spare time for a short period of time I took a gig to maintain a cloud service in Ruby on Rails along with it’s mobile client in iOS, Android came shortly after that as well. Since then my Butter and Bread has been developing agile software with iOS, Android and Ruby on Rails.

In 2012 Node.js came out and started using it as a more performant alternative to reuse Javascript between client and Server-side, however, when it comes to perfomance, Go is still my platform of choice to create high perfomant Cloud solutions.

  • Working for Startups

    SINCE 2011
    SINCE 2012
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